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INFOclosure.com Foreclosure Technology

INFOclosure.com uses proven, state of the art technology that is tailored to your foreclosure buying criteria, designed so that you spend no more than one hour per day searching for the deals that meet your needs. INFOclosure.com maintains a trained and professional staff that works to update the foreclosure listings and compile it into digestible, easy to understand data that allows you to make informed buying decisions. Our service includes complete foreclosure listings, distressed property profiles, market comparables, daily sales updates, and continuously updated market trend reports by zip code.

INFOclosure.com Mission Statement

Our mission first and foremost is to educate those who want to learn about the foreclosure buying process. Nothing is more important to us than giving you the tools and education necessary for today’s market, allowing real estate investors to make an intelligent and informed buying decision. In addition, we strive to compile the most updated and accurate foreclosure listings to set you up to win in your home buying process. We stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide anyone in the world at any time access to buying foreclosures.

Meet Our Team
Our team provides all of the necessary tools and education to buy in today’s foreclosure market. All you, the investor, need to do is select the foreclosure homes of interest and let our team do the rest.
  • Rick Rickert Owner